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What is Witness Cremation?


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    Witness Cremation: Why do you want to witness the cremation of your loved one?

    Many people witness cremations to say their final goodbye. It is a way for the family of the deceased to feel like they are there with their loved one as he or she leaves this earth. They witness the cremation and then take home the ashes in order to remember them always. Cremation witnessing can be done by anyone, but it is usually people who are close friends or family members that choose to do so. Witnessing a cremation isn't easy; you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before you witness your loved ones' last moments on earth. You have to go in willing yourself to witness this, not knowing what you are going to see. If your loved one has asked for a witness cremation, why would you say no? It is the last thing that they get to do on earth before their eternal rest. You should be there with them during these final moments of their life.


    What is witness cremation?

    Witness cremation is a service provided by many funeral homes. A common misconception of cremations is that they take place in dark environments. However, at our spacious witnessing room, family and friends can gather and take part in the process of saying their goodbyes in this often-missed opportunity. We have a witness cremation viewing room to accommodate all family members who are interested in watching the process of their loved one's cremation. It is an opportunity for them to come face-to-face with death, and allow themselves to grieve by saying goodbye properly. This service comes with an additional fee.


    Why do families witness a cremation?

    For some people, watching a cremation may be an important part of the grieving process for many families. They witness the cremation to say their final goodbye, and gain closure so they can move on with their lives. For others, especially those of Sikh, Hindu, and Jainism faiths, witnessing the cremation is an important part of their faith and culture. Here at our crematory at Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care, we have state-of-the-art equipment as well as expanded our space to create a warm and welcoming environment for you and your family to witness the cremation. Families also witness a cremation of their loved one to ensure a respectful service. The cremation process is a very personal and intimate experience, and many families want to be witness to it. It can also provide some closure for them as they say goodbye to their loved one.


    How does witness cremation work?

    Witness cremation is part of the cremation service and a simple process. After getting a death certificate and the necessary permit, participants will share comforting words and eulogies about their loved one and then, when the time is right, the casket is placed into the cremation enclosure, starting the cremation process. The witness room is directly adjacent to the cremation chamber, so families can watch through a window as their loved one's body is cremated. The entire process usually takes about two to five hours. Depending on the crematory, the families can watch some or the entire cremation. Witness cremations are popular because people want to see their loved ones handled with dignity and respect until the very end. They also want to participate in the send-off and witness firsthand how their loved one is being cremated.


    Is watching a cremation for you?

    This service is a way to honor them if you're considering witness cremation. You can witness cremation in person or through a special window. Many families opt for witness cremations so they have the chance to honor and commemorate their loved ones, as well as participate in the send-off. However, some families have no interest in watching a cremation. For many people, embalming is an important part of the funeral service because it allows them to see their loved ones in a lifelike state one last time before they pass away. People who believe that the funeral should be as painless as possible for the mourners usually do not choose a witness cremation.


    Does your loved one wear clothes when they are cremated?

    Many people choose to dress their loved ones in clothes for witness cremations. It's a way to show respect and give the person one last appearance that is more familiar to those who are grieving. Clothing is an option and entirely up to the family.


    We're here for you during your time of need

    We know how hard it is to say goodbye and see you're loved for one last time. At Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care, We make every effort to provide a courteous witness cremation experience that brings peace and closure to you and your family. Give us a call today at (410) 442-3662 (Woodbine) or (301) 296-6864 (Rockville) for more information.

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