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After the funeral service, many families reach out to express their gratitude for our support and guidance during one of the most difficult times in their lives, and we’re honored to receive their positive feedback. These messages speak for themselves, so we want to share them with you.



If you feel we’ve met or exceeded your expectations or just want to say thanks, please contact us or submit a testimonial below. We would love to hear from you and know that we made a positive impact on your family during a time of need.

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There isn’t a worst day than losing your mother. However, they made the paper work so easy and effortless—-it was the only easy thing. A kind employee even said she would pray a “Padre Nuestro” for my mom which is culturally appropriate. They have definitely done their research. Thank you for your sensitivity during a most horrific time.

Elaine Mercedes Mendoza

March 05, 2023

i can’t thanks enough It was great service we got from all the team special from Angela really make things easier with her hard work and comprehension we didn’t have to do much it was all her taking care everything

Benigno Paredes

January 13, 2020

I liked the way it was clean, and was big, had room, had options of kinds

Oscar Rodriguez

January 13, 2020

I like the way it was super clean and the options and the size, it was just amazing in general


January 13, 2020

We thank Mr. Sagel, Angela, and Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. for helping us with our Grandmother's passing. They are by far extremely professional, detailed, and compassionate during this difficult time with our family. I would like to give a special thank you to Angela for personally being their for us in the first moments of our loss and our final goodbye for my grandmother. She is very organized and walked us through every detail of this process. Their coordination and communication with the chosen cemetery was seamless. She handled everything with care and always had an answer for any of our concerns. Since we did not have a viewing we were also thankful to say our last goodbye at their facility for a few minutes. Their facility is impeccable with a private viewing room that is calm and tranquil, which made saying goodbye very meaningful and sacred to us. Thank you to all of the staff for all that you do. I highly recommend their services because they will make sure you are taken care and they understand that it is important for their clients to grieve in peace without any interruption.

Rachel Serpas

January 13, 2020

Value choose Funeral Home is a wonderful services; amazing the way they explained step by step the process of our great grandmother passed away. I highly recommend without any doubt their services. Their services are extremely extraordinary! Thanks!

Mairelin Serpas

January 13, 2020

I want to thanks Value Funeral Home for the great help in preparing the funeral of my Grandmother Armidia Olimpia Valdez. Their services were beyond my expectations. One was the price much better that other Funeral Homes and the respect with which they prepare her body. I recommend the services of this respectful Funeral Home.

Luis Delgado

January 13, 2020

It's been a little over a month now since my sister, Elaine, passed away at her home in Rockville. At last I have the opportunity to write a note of thanks for the thoughtful, efficient and caring way that Angela helped me, along with others, to handle my sister's final exit from this life. I can't find words really to say how important her guidance and assistance was during this troubled time.

Gilbert Winner

January 13, 2020

i can’t thanks enough It was great service we got from all the team special from Angla really make things easier with her hard work and comprehension we didn’t have to do much it was all her taking care everything

Denigno Paredes

January 09, 2020

Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. was the most economical solution by far. They were courteous and caring. They took care of everything. They informed us of what was happening every step of the way. I am very, very grateful for all their assistance. I had never had to manage the death of a family member before. They really handled it all so well and so graciously at a time when we so dearly needed their help. Thank you!

Karyn Williamson-Coria

November 15, 2019

The whole team from Cremation Going Home are excellent professionals, but not only that they are very kind and very compassionate, they indeed have exceeded our expectations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rosie Vargas

November 04, 2019

It was a very good service because you created very much space for everyone to gather together to pray for a past family member.


October 15, 2019

Our aunt died late one night and the staff went and picked her up that evening. Very impressive. The staff was very professional in every encounter. Angela and the staff handled every detail to our full expectations satisfaction and with dignity. No pushy sales people. Going Home staff was very prompt arriving for the final services.

Raymond Washington

October 15, 2019

Great experience here! They gave excellent service for the burial of my aunt a couple weeks ago. It was my family’s first time burying someone and we couldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else.

Benjamin-Raphael Bacorro

October 15, 2019

I was emotionally unable to think rationally after the loss of a beloved family member. Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. came right to rescue. They provided step-by-step help in the most professional way and performed all the steps in a most gracious manner. They basically took care of everything for me while I was unable of doing anything. Thank you so much!!

Michael G.

October 15, 2019

Hey Angela the Ellis family appreciate everything that you and your staff did for us . You were polite and help us with the paperwork had answers that we didn’t know. Angela you really did a good job. You were there from day 1 until the funeral. As you know it was a challenge for me. I wanted to keep the family in going faith. You can never be prepared for this especially when it was unexpected. The family thanks you very much.

Teresa Smith

July 10, 2019

THANK-YOU so much Angela for all the loving support to my family. You were an angel send from GOD to guide us through all of this ordeal. Blessings to you and all you do to help people in there loss. My sincere love and loving thoughts to you and your family.❤Blessings Always❤

Susan Wang

July 08, 2019

We used Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. for my Dad's memorial service. They did a really professional job. They made everything smoothly and organizationally. Strongly recommend to have their services.

John Hou

July 06, 2019

Angela was very helpful and caring through this tough time. She made me feel confident that they would do a good job with our loved one. I appreciate how efficient and sensitive everyone was during this time.

Shasharron Jones

June 08, 2019

We wish to express a personal thank you for your handling of Cecil. Have to let you know there were " soo " many positive comments on his appearance. Family and friends remarked that he looked like he was only sleeping. For Craig and myself, he looked the same as the day he passed, peaceful and at rest. You did a superb job on an African-American gentleman of darker complexion. We appreciate that! You made him look so dignified in his red skins attire.😊 You were most professional, respectful and compassionate to us from our first meeting. You, my dear lady are an asset to your profession. Blessings and Thanks

Gail Brest

June 08, 2019

Going Home stepped me through the paperwork needed to complete arrangements for cremation of my mother’s body and were responsive to all my questions about the process. Their staff were always polite and gentle in dealing with my family.

Mary West

May 14, 2019

The team at Going Home made handling my Mom's death and her arrangements relatively painfree and I am very grateful.

Angela B. Martin

May 08, 2019

My father passed away unexpectedly this month and my family had no idea how to proceed with the funeral arrangements. We shopped around for funeral care and ended up choosing Going Home Cremation based largely on price. Going Home was definitely the most economical choice, but they were also extremely compassionate, kind, and a tremendous help to us in determining what we wanted (we needed a lot of guidance and they spent hours assisting us). They were also very flexible with the many changes we ended up making throughout the process. Their prices were very affordable and they were willing to tweak their packages to our preferences within reason. They were all very caring and sensitive to our situation as well as providing a professional and very nice service. They were very attentive to our needs on the day of the funeral without being too present in the grieving process. We were looking for an economical, no frills choice, but we still wanted some of the basics (e.g., nice casket, beautiful flower spray) and that is what Going Home provided, along with great customer service. My family was very happy with the arrangements and we highly recommend Going Home Cremation Services.

Amanda Kuehn

April 08, 2019

We had a Muslim service with them and they were extremely professional and courteous. They accommodated our requests down to the last detail and were extremely amicable and respectful. They are excellent organizers and have impeccable customer service. I would highly recommend them.

Ali Razavi

February 01, 2019

I chose to use Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. when my mother-in-law passed away because in calling around the various other Funeral Homes I Going Home was put off both my their manner of interaction with me and by their inflated prices. But He was Totally Different, and was strange to say the best customer experience I can remember having. Going Home were the perfect mix of sincere and heartfelt kindness and quiet competence, and I am truly grateful I was fortunate enough to find out about their services. The funeral service itself was perfect: simple but tasteful. And their person at the funeral ceremony was just what we needed: there & helpful when we needed her, and off to the side when we didn’t. If you are in the market for a Funeral Home, first and most importantly you have my condolences. But Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. will be your Best Possible Choice in making a very tough time for you and your loved ones as easy (and affordable) as it can be. I never go on social media to write about my customer experiences for either good or ill, but in this instance I am so grateful for their work I am happy to do so.

Alan Eyre

August 21, 2018

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