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Merchandise You May Need for Final Services Like a Funeral and Cremation in Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD Funeral Home And CremationsMost of us have heard the terms for funerary products and merchandise that may be necessary when planning such services as a funeral and cremation in Baltimore, MD. That doesn’t automatically mean we know how to shop for these items. A well-established full-service funeral home will offer a wide range of options and may be able to special order for customized pieces you’d like to have. Here are some standard products that may be relevant to your circumstances.


Caskets: If the person who has died will be buried, selecting a casket will be necessary. A wide range of materials is used in the construction of caskets, which is reflected in the varied price points. It is okay to take a little time to find out what you would like and even sit with a decision for a day or two before you make your final selection. Even though your chosen funeral home will likely have several options, remember you can shop around if you don’t see what you are looking for.


Urns: Cremated remains can be placed for final disposition in an urn. There are so so many different types of cremation urns. There are classically styled urns that vary in composition and size. In general, these will have a vase-like shape with a secured lid. There are multiple ways the urn can be customized according to the interests or hobbies of the deceased. For instance, if that individual loved nature, a sculpture of a majestic animal could be commissioned to hold the remains. Finally, there are urns designed explicitly for burial or to temporarily hold ashes awaiting scattering.


Keepsakes: Though not at all required, many funeral homes offer keepsakes for you to have and hold after your loved one is gone. This may include thumbprint impressions on jewelry, ornaments, or other accessories. A small portion of cremated remains, hair, etc., could be encased in jewelry that has a compartment for these elements. These can be very special and bring comfort when you especially miss your loved one.


Grave Markers: This product marks the place of burial or honors the memory of one who has died. There are a variety of materials and profiles with many unique designs available. One of the most important considerations when selecting a grave marker is finding out if any rules and regulations govern the site where it will be installed. Knowing this will save time, money, and frustration to know this information up front.


Monuments: Generally made of stone, these headstones or grave markers usually have a more upright presentation. Customizable fonts, inscriptions, and even pictures may be etched into the surface for a lasting tribute.


Memorials: These markers are generally built to be flush with the ground. They could also be installed with tree planting, a park bench, or other memorial offerings. It could be a plaque made from different materials, polished smooth, or chiseled from stone.


The Preparation and Process for a Funeral and Cremation in Baltimore, MD


Knowing a little bit about funeral and cremation in Baltimore, MD, will help you decide what will work best for the situation you are involved with. Making final arrangements can be simply or elaborately planned. Finding the things that matter to you and your loved ones will be helpful when making these designations.


Cremation: Cremation is one process of preparing the deceased remains for their final resting place. The body is thoroughly burned to return the soft tissues to their most basic elements. Any remaining pieces and fragments of bone tissue will then be granularized and given back to the family in the ashen form.


Burial Services: This is a simplified version of a funeral, this type of service is held at the graveside just prior to the burial taking place.


Funerals and Memorials: These events offer a time to gather physically or virtually and remember the life and legacy of the one who has passed away. Funerals are most often held soon after death. This is because the deceased's body will need to be present for the services. The body may be prepared for public viewing before the service if desired. Memorials do not have the deceased remains in attendance at the service. However, cremated ashes could be included in a memorial service.


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If the time has come that you require death care services for yourself (future planning) or for an immediate need related to funeral and cremation in Baltimore, MD, you will need experienced professionals to guide you through. Consider Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. This respected firm has affordable options delivered with compassion and integrity.

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