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Going Home Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, P.A. has lead the industry in offering complete and simple online funeral arrangements, including document signing. When a member of our staff contacts you to begin planning the funeral, we'll show you our general price list to give you a basic idea of our service costs. Then, we’ll talk with you about your loved one to get a better understanding of the person and decide on the best services to honor their life. Call us at 301-296-6864 or visit us at 1091 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852.





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Things to Consider When Choosing Funeral and Cremation Services in Silver Spring, MD


When you select an experienced funeral home, it sets the foundation for quality results for your event. While various providers offer funeral and cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, not all funeral homes are created equal. Since this is your last chance to honor the memories of your loved one, it makes sense to be selective in choosing the right provider for your needs.


What questions do you have about funeral planning? Are there specific traditions that should be included in this event? You deserve to work with a supportive, caring team that honors your wishes and addresses the most important details for this event. Our funeral planning staff provides the perfect support your family needs, including a customized approach to finalizing your funeral services.


Here are a few other factors you should always keep in mind when choosing a funeral director:


Location for Funeral and Cremation in Silver Spring, MD


Don’t waste your time driving to a provider that is located far away from your home. You will need to visit the funeral home multiple times for the preparations, viewing, funeral, and more. Selecting a local provider means that you can reduce your stress and save time in the car. Plus, it’s more convenient for friends, neighbors, and family to have an event that is nearby.


We are a local funeral home that offers the hands-on services you need. As you learn more about our funeral planning staff, you’ll see that we have an unwavering reputation of excellence in the area. Not only is our funeral home nearby, but we have great connections with other industry providers in the area.


Support from the Funeral Home Staff


It can be an intensive process to plan funeral services, which is why you need to be sure that you always have access to a caring staff. Our team is available by phone at all times, giving you a direct line to talk to an industry expert.


In addition to providing information and education about the industry, we are also proactive in creating a comfortable environment for your family. As you are finalizing funeral services, you can also tap into available grief resources to work through the emotional pain you are experiencing. We always offer a listening ear, flexible planning, and full engagement to take care of our customers.


Funeral Facilities


Do you plan to host the event at a funeral home? Then you need to be sure that the facilities are sufficient to accommodate your group. Check to be sure there is ample parking, a wheelchair accessible building, and the size of the gathering rooms.


Our funeral homes are designed to support the needs of groups of all sizes. If you are holding a large funeral service, then we have a spacious chapel for this meeting. Or, we can schedule a smaller room if you prefer an intimate environment with just a few people.


Funeral Products


What products need to be purchased for your event? If you are preparing for a burial, then you need to pick from available memorials, caskets, monuments, or grave markers. We offer a variety of personalization options, as well as different materials and products to fit every price point.


Product selection for cremation is often a bit simpler. You can choose a beautiful urn for long-term storage. Or, the cremated ashes can be stored in a temporary container until you are ready to scatter the ashes.


Finally, don’t underestimate the benefit of investing in keepsakes. You want to hold onto these important memories, so it makes sense to choose a special item that reminds you of your loved one. We offer a variety of keepsakes for both burial and cremation services.


Transparent Pricing and Packages


Make sure your selected funeral and cremation provider in Silver Spring, MD is upfront about the cost of your selected services. Transparency in pricing means that there will be no surprises when it’s time to settle the bill. We offer detailed information about what you will receive for the price that you are paying.


Our experienced funeral planning team understands that families have different budgetary needs. We invite you to share information about your spending goals, then we can help with the selection of specific funeral services to match your needs.


Personalized Care


One of the benefits of choosing us for funeral planning is that you have access to a team that truly cares about the outcome of this event. We approach every funeral as if we were coordinating services for our own family member. Through this process, we provide personalized, custom care for each person. We always honor your traditions, cultural influences, and other details that ensure you have a good experience.


Is it time to discuss your options for funeral and cremation in Silver Spring, MD? Then contact our funeral home to book a consultation.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • What to do when death occurs at home?

    • When a loved one dies at home or somewhere that isn’t a healthcare facility, you’ll need to contact emergency personnel before they can be taken into our care. If your loved one was under medical care, you should call their physician as well.
  • What is your edge on funeral pricing?

    • We have adopted a pricing philosophy that minimizes the fees for the various services typically included in either a cremation, graveside or chapel funeral service and placed the brunt of the cost in what is known as our professional services fee. Check our general price list.
  • What are the types of urns you offer?

    • You may select from one of the six urn options: Natural Urn, Cherry Urn, and Classic Bronze Urn. Grecian Crimson Urn. Aria Ascending Urn, and Bamboo Urn. Get to know more of our cremation urns.


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